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Termite Control

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Prevent Termites From Damaging Your Home

The North Texas climate enable termites colonies to reach massive sizes giving them the ability to rapidly damage a structure. Many home owners are not even aware of termite infestations until it is too late. Ally Pest and Termite have the experience and desire to give you the best results at a great price. Contact us today for your free termite consultation.  

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Preventative Termite Control for Your Peace of Mind

At Ally Pest and Termite, we offer both preventative and reactive termite control. Whether you’re termite-free or experiencing an infestation, we are here to help! Not sure if you have termites? Some of the most common termite warning signs include:

  • Mud Tubes

  • Floor Damage

  • Wall Damage

  • Wood Damage

  • Hollow-Sounding Wood

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Examples of Mud Tubes

How Do Our Termite Treatments Work?

Ally Pest and Termite customizes our termite control specifically for our customers' needs. We believe that by conducting thorough and frequent inspections of your home we are able to easily determine if you have a termite infestation or if your home is at risk for one. From there, we will utilize one, or a combination of, our liquid and baiting treatments to ensure the infestation is handled efficiently and effectively.

Liquid and Baiting Treatments For Total Control

Termite control can be an extremely difficult task, which is why it is best left to professionals. If you have ever tried DIY methods you know that they are simply not effective. We are proud to offer multiple professional treatment methods that are designed for success. Our liquid treatment creates a liquid barrier between your home and the ground ensuring termites can not make their way in. It is a great solution for homes with a current infestation, but also as a preventative measure for those that are not affected. Another method we utilize is baiting, which is an effective method when your home is at risk or you already have a small infestation. Baiting is a treatment that utilizes poisonous bait to attracts termites and then kill them off. When it comes to treatment applications of any kind, our expert exterminators know exactly where to apply them!

Trelona® ATBS® Bait Stations
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This station is engineered for one thing: fast termite discovery. And with active ingredient Novaluron-an effective chitin synthesis inhibitor-fast discovery leads to fast mortality 

1 Low Profile

  Sits right at soil level to reach termite colonies-not lawn mower blades.

2 Quik-Lock® Cap

   To lock bait in while locking kids and pets out 

3 Preferred cellulose

   Puri-Cel® matrix that termites prefer over the wood used in homes

4 Large container-fluidized bait load

   To ensure there's enough bait to eliminate the entire colony

5 Fast-acting active ingredient

   Novaluron leads to a faster kill than other chitin synthesis inhibitors

6 Easy-access vertical slits

   Large access openings invite termite in to find the bait

7 Durable design

   Each station is constructed in the USA 

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