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Fire Ants

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Due to their aggressive and mean bite fire ants are the most know ant in most parts of Texas. They are relatively small around 1.6-5 mm in size and have a reddish color to them. Fire ants are quick to anger and will attack any animal or person that comes in close contact with their nest. Colonies may contain several queens and thousands of worker ants and are mostly found outdoors. 


Fire Ant Bites

When a red imported fire ant bites a human, the sensation is comparable to that of being touched by a lit match. After they bite, the ants hold on to the victim with their mandibles (jaws) and use their stinger to deliver their venom. Most people experience pain and red bumps, though a few individuals are allergic to the red imported fire ant and may experience a severe reaction. Emergency services should be contacted immediately if a sting victim experiences nausea, headache or difficulty breathing.


Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are commonly black but depending on the species can have a reddish or yellowish colorization. The size of the colony has a wide range from 3.4-13 mm. Carpenter ants do not eat wood as termites do, but instead, remove wood and deposit the debris outside of their nests in small piles called frass. They will feed on a variety of food people eat, particularly sweets and meats. They will also feed on other insects. Carpenters are more active at dawn and dusk.

Carpenter Ant.png

Argentine Ants

Argentine Ant.png

Argentine ants range from light to dark brown and are 2.2-2.8 mm long. Argentine ants are readily adaptable and can nest in a great variety of places. Colonies are massive and may contain hundreds of queens. Nests are usually located in moist soil, next to or under buildings, along sidewalks or beneath boards. These ants travel in trails. Argentine ants are omnivorous, meaning that they can eat almost anything, but they prefer sweet foods. 

Odorous House Ants

Commonly called odorous ants, these ants range from 2.4-3.3 mm in size and have dark brown or black bodies. Colony sizes are very large consisting of several queens and over 100,000 workers. Fortunately these ants do not bite. Since these ants are opportunists, they will nest indoors and outdoors.  Odorous house ants forage for food night and day. Outdoors they prefer honeydew from aphids. When the honeydew supply is reduced in autumn, they may move indoors for food. Indoors, they eat meats, sugary foods, dairy products, pastries, cooked or raw vegetables and fruit juices. 

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Acrobat Ants

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Most species of acrobat ants are less than 5 mm in length and vary in color being mostly black. When aggravated they will raise their spade-shaped abdomen above their head. Many emit an unpleasant odor when disturbed. Outdoors, acrobat ants nest near moisture such as under stones, in stumps, in rotting logs and under woodpiles. When they invade homes, acrobat ants often nest in damp areas such as in foam sheathing behind siding and in weep holes.


Eliminating ants is a difficult task, meaning it is often best to leave it to trained and experienced professionals. The team at Ally Pest and Termite has extensive experience and training in dealing with ant problems and can provide you with both services for your current problem and preventative treatments to keep ants away for good. For home and business owners looking to eliminate ants, nobody else offers as comprehensive solutions as we can.


However, there are a few things you can do to prevent ants from coming in yourself, and we advise everybody to follow these bits of advice, regardless of whether or not you receive frequent treatments.

  • Place weather-stripping around windows, doors, and door sweeps.

  • Cut any overgrown tree branches and vegetation away from the exterior of your home.

  • Repair any openings in the foundation and exterior walls of your home.

  • Remove fallen trees and tree stumps from your property.

  • Rinse out jars and cans before placing them in recycle bins.

  • Keep tight-fitting or locking lids on outdoor trash cans and compost bins.

Tired of your ant problem? Call Ally today at 214-305-8725 to schedule your first treatment or send us a quick email at
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"Ally has been so great. They have been very responsive to our requests and have always been very thorough. So glad we found them."

Melinda - Lewisville


 Pest control is not a luxury but a necessity in Texas. Our services are affordable and comprehensive.  We are your 1 stop shop for all your pest control needs. 





Our basic recurring pest program keeps you safe from common pests like spiders, cockroaches, ants, and many more pests!

  • Quarterly Service Visits

  • Unlimited Free Re-Services

  • Exterior/Interior Treatments

  • 5 Point Defense Service 





Protect your home from common pests PLUS take back your yard in the summer months with our mosquito treatments

  • Quarterly Service Visits 

  • Unlimited Free Re-Services

  • Exterior/Interior Treatments

  • 5 Point Defense Service

  • 6 Monthly Mosquito Misting May - Oct 





All the coverage of Preferred Plan PLUS installation of baiting system for 24/7 termite prevention & protection.

  • Quarterly Service Visits 

  • Unlimited Free Re-Services

  • Exterior/Interior Treatments

  • 5 Point Defense Service

  • Monthly Misting Mosquito  (May - Oct) 

  • Installation of Advance Termite Baiting System and monitoring 


Call today to schedule your free inspection


At Ally, our mission is to keep your home pest-free and we are confident in our ability to do so. In fact, if pests return to your home after our visit, we will happily return until pests are gone for good! If after two free re-services we cannot control the pest problem, we will refund 100% of your last service payment. We are your best bet for long-lasting relief from pests!

We offer services in the following areas:

Denton, Argyle, Flower Mound, Lewisville, Carrollton, The Colony, Frisco, McKinney , Plano, Richardson, Addison, Farmers Branch, Coppell, Southlake, Trophy Club, Roanoke, Keller, Colleyville, Haslet, Grand Prairie, Arlington

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